snow day…

As an adult, your attitude about snow usually changes. Shoveling, salting, and white-knuckled two hour long commutes just isn’t as much fun as snow days, building snowmen, and snowball fights. Unless… you luck out like we did and the snow falls on a weekend, affording you a lovely day of staying in your PJs, watching movies, and sitting by the fire as the snow falls outside. We got hit with almost two feet! And this usual snow-hater didn’t mind one bit.

I took my camera out for all of two minutes before Chloe had a snowball-related incident that forced us back inside. She is NOT a cold weather dog. Lucy, however, will stand out there forever… gathering snow on her cute little beard…

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  • Wendy - Along with loving your new blog look, I don’t think I mentioned how much I love your new watermark. Very cool idea. I love the way it is substantial enough to prevent people from stealing/using your images but thin enough to not detract from the gorgeous images.

  • Christy - Lucy is so precious!

  • kim - Oh my heavens your dog is so freakin’ cute! I LOVE your new branding as well. Totally fits!

  • Rose - Great picture of Lucy. I am so in love with my granddog!

  • Emily - I can’t believe you got that much!! That’s awesome it fell on a weekend, too. Lucy looks so cute in that first image.

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