One of our weekend trips was to Willow Creek Orchards, a local organic farm. Best part about it… they have a pumpkin patch. Fun. We set out to choose the most perfect pumpkin.

Being at the pumpkin patch reminded me of being young. We found a pumpkin patch that had a fabulous deal… $5, all you can carry. Great for us kids. Not so great for my Dad. Worse for my Dad’s poor aching back. But he was a good sport and waited as we made our thoughtfully made our choices. We lined up at the carry line and loaded my Dad to the max. And we cheered as he crossed the line scored us that year’s pumpkins for only $5, even though his back paid dearly for it.

It made me smile. And it made me sad.

and then we ventured into the store for fresh fruits and veggies. And cookies. Life is all about balance…

  • Krista - Your dad was a trooper. I could just see him carrying all those pumpkins! He loved you kids alot. Consider yourself blessed to have him as a father. I know I’m truely blessed to have known him! Love you!

  • Christine - Aw nice pictures! It looks like you guys had fun! I think you need to get Kev a pair of glasses though… Love you and miss you!

Halloween is not exactly a festive time for all in the Ziegler household. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come later this week…

  • Nicci - This site is gorgeous! I love it, congratulations 🙂

    The dog has just the right expression for someone who’s not completely psyched with what their owner is doing…very cute!

  • Christy - Ahhhh I love it!
    Our “kids” will be in their costumes soon too. 😀

  • mom - aaaawwwwwww! still adorable, even when she’s sad 🙁 I just love her!!!

  • April Ziegler Photography » Made especially for Bullyfest… | Philadelphia pet photographer - […] When I first saw Beantown Handmade’s Etsy store, I had to restrain myself from ordering 50 of her awesomely handmade dog hats. As badly as I wanted one, I know how Chloe feels about anything on her head. We all remember her Halloween costume… […]

Tucher is a burmese mountain dog. He’s named after a brewery in Germany! I know I posted this cute mug on my old blog, but I had to post it again since I edited some more photos of him. And I just love him. 

There’s something that I can’t help but love about photographing dogs. Perhaps it’s the fact that they have no filters. As one of my favorite dog photographers, Elliott Erwitt, has said, “Dogs don’t mind being photographed in compromising situations.” They’re raw. They don’t have a favorite side or angle. They don’t know nor care to pose for the camera. When shooting dogs, everything that you capture is completely real. And I love that…  

  • Christy - Oh he is very cute!
    And that is so true about dogs. 🙂

  • Rose - I love your photos and can see why you would love taking pics of this guy !
    I am ready to dog sit for him !

  • Erin - Awe — these are great! We had a berner growing up and they have to be one of those most beautiful dogs!

How we entertain ourselves while waiting for my oil change. Ha. Most people wouldn’t deem this a photo-worthy event. And honestly, it probably wasn’t. But it is evidence of how easily entertained I am {and how tolerant my husband is of my antics}.

Happy Friday, everyone!

  • Vanessa - You guys are so adorable!!

  • mom - april, i love your photo expression. you have such an eye for a photo. and kev is so cooperative:) love you

Their boys faces have graced my blog more times than I can count. Finally we got a chance to shoot some photos of just the two of them. It took some convincing, but when your wife wants a photo session on her birthday weekend, you can’t really say no. Well, I guess you could but that would just be asking for trouble. Erich scored major brownie points for hauling lawn furniture all the way across the park with no complaints. Quite an adventure we had…

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  • mom - such a cute couple!! It’s easy to see why their boys are so adorable 🙂

  • Dee - WOW!!! Your photos are amazing!!