1. “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng. I chose this book as my Book of the Month Club choice back in September and held off on reading it, despite hearing so many rave reviews about it. I wanted to save it for the right time. Do you ever do that? Sometimes, when there’s a book that I just know that I will love, I’ll put it aside and wait for a good time to read it. Sometimes it’s a vacation, sometimes it’s a certain time of year. I saved this one until after my busy work season so that I could fully enjoy it.

2. “Q & A a Day for Kids” by Betsy Franco. We started this book several years ago and it’s hilarious to see Charlotte’s answers and compare them to previous years. It’s a journal that has a question for each date and space for the child to answer that question for three years. The questions are sometimes silly, sometimes thought-provoking. But I love hearing her thoughts… it’s always fun to see how little minds work!

3. Takeya 40oz bottles. I’m always trying to drink more water. Who isn’t? I love that these bottles hold 40 ounces and keep the water cold. And it doesn’t have a big fat spout that makes you worry if you’re going to spill water all down the front of yourself when you take a drink. Is that only me? We got a set of them at Costco.

4. Party cake ice cream. If you haven’t tried Party Cake Ice Cream, what are you doing with your life? It’s vanilla ice cream with chunks of cake and icing mixed in and it. is. amazing.

5. Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Tinted Moisturizer. I’m not sure about the energy boosting claim, but I do like this moisturizer. It has a little tint and light coverage. I remember first discovering it right after I had Charlotte and it was perfect… new moms don’t have much time for makeup, but it helped me look like a little less of a hot mess.

6. Sole Society Charlie Foldover Tote. I’m not a purse girl. I don’t own any expensive handbags. I go for function over fashion. But this tote is cute and it was $35. It holds everything that I need and more (like a hardcover book, which is a huge score!).

7. Pukka Chamomile, Vanilla, and Manuka honey tea. I’m more of a coffee drinker than a tea drinker, but I tried this Pukka tea and just love it. It’s the perfect time of year for this.

8. Asics Gel Nimbus sneaks. These are my running shoes of choice and when I saw that they came out with a black version, I was pretty excited. Running shoes tend to be bright and bold, but these black ones match with everything! And they’re so comfy!

9. Lush Honey Lip Scrub. I think everyone could use this in the winter. Who wants dry lips? I use this a couple times a week and it feels great and tastes great too. I’ve used the Mint Juleps flavor in the past and loved that one too.

10. Book of the Month Club. I’ve been doing Book of the Month Club for almost two years now and I really enjoy it. If you’re a book lover, you should definitely check it out (it’d also make a great gift for a book lover in your life!). It’s so fun to get a new book each month and I love seeing the five choices that they offer. I also love the fact that if I’m not interested in any of the book choices that month, I can just skip that month and not pay anything. I’ve gotten some great new reads from BOTM club.

A couple years ago, I photographed a cockapoo puppy named Penny. Now Penny has a little brother… a five month old cockapoo puppy named Boomer. Boomer’s person wanted to get some photos of him at the same age as Penny so after a few rain/snow delays, we finally got to do the pet session at their home. Below are some favorites from Boomer’s session…

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This past weekend, our little guy turned five months old. Which I recognize it is not a milestone or anything, it made me think back to when we first got him in December and he was just a little kitten and now he looks like a full grown cat. Where did my kitten go? And they say kids grow up fast…

I thought that now would be a good time for an update on Mango the orange cat. We were stuck indoors all weekend due to the constant rain, so while we were playing I snuck in some photos. Mango is a good, but sometimes crazy, cat. He often participates in a one cat race, back and forth from one end of the house to the other. Over, and over, and over again. He’s drawn to legos and Barbie accessories. He tends to sleep most of the day and be very mischievous at night. He’s very tolerant of Charlotte and her overbearing affection, allowing her to carry him around cradled like a baby. He’s not a lap cat, he prefers affection on his own terms. He likes to be petted while he eats and that’s when he’ll purr the loudest. He loves belly rubs and chin scratches. He’s a sweet cat… He’s fit in so seamlessly with our little family.

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