My Social Book | A Review

My Social Book is not product that I offer to clients, but I just had to share it. I am always capturing memories and creating albums for clients. But in my personal life? I’ve fallen behind on it. My daughter is over two years old and I haven’t put photos of her in an album since she was four months old. Yes, I just admitted that. It’s embarrassing. If you’re a slacker like me about making your own photo albums, My Social Book is a fabulous option. It essentially turns your Facebook into a real book. Admittedly, I am not too private about sharing my life on Facebook. I use it similar to a journal and I love to look back and reflect on past milestones, celebrations, vacations, and general everyday stuff that I may not have documented anywhere else. I ordered a book for the 2013 year (you can choose specific timeframes). As soon as it arrived, I loved it. And Charlotte loves to skim through page after page of photos of herself (Two year olds are such narcissists.). I immediately ordered books for the 2012 and 2011 years.

The pros:

  • It’s EASY! I need easy in my life.
  • It’s decent quality. Some of my photos turned out a bit grainy but they’re iPhone photos that have been run through Instagram so I wasn’t expecting professional quality here. It’s more important to me to have the memories captured, than to have them be perfect.
  • I love having so much of my year, together in one place.

The cons:

  • Not a lot of room for customization. In the grid of 4 photos that starts each section, the photos are cropped to squares. You cannot see this in the preview and cannot choose how the square crops. Some crops turned out kind of off to me, but it wasn’t a huge deal. Same with the collage of the “Most Like Pictures” page.
  • Kind of a high price point for the quality if you don’t use a 30% off coupon code. It seems like there’s always a 30% off sale going on though.
  • I hate that you can’t review the whole book before ordering. But that does make it a fun surprise to flip through it when it arrives.


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  • Sandy Epstein Levenson - I love this idea! Thanks for posting.

  • Tina Heinnickel - This is awesome! I’ll have to look into it:)

  • Amanda Nikolaidis Young - Ummm I’m OBSESSED WITH THIS. How awesome!

  • Mary-Lynn Grillo - Very nice idea! I think it will go over really well!

  • Javier Delgado E - Una idea muy comercial, sí señores.

  • Lynda Birmantas Beam - I’m really glad to read this review, I just ordered mine (seems a bit like putting the cart before the horse, but …) and thought I’d look at some reviews, ordered my 2014 and also one for my fan page (also a photographer, but mostly dogs)

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