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Do you have a DSLR camera and want to learn how to get better photos? Are you tired of trying to read confusing technical manuals? This is a perfect solution! Camera Basics is a beginner’s photography course that will teach you the basics of photography and how to confidently use your camera. During the three hour workshop, we will also be doing some hands-on exercises to give you the chance to practice what we learn and ask questions. Each participant will receive a 50+ page workbook and access to a private Facebook group for further questions after the workshop.


Topics include:

  • – Tips for better photos
  • – Intro to exposure (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO)
  • – Camera modes
  • – Overview of lenses
  • – Composition and perspective
  • – Finding the light


  • Dates: Saturday, May 21, 2016
  • Time: 10am – 1pm
  • Location: April Ziegler Photography studio, 360 East Main Street, Collegeville PA 19460
  • Cost: $99
  • Please bring your camera + camera manual!


This workshop is not intended for professional photographers or those wanting to start their own photography business.


Space is very limited! Reserve your spot in the workshop by e-mailing:




Here’s a look back at baby Michael at nine days old. We recently did his seven month session, the second session in the Baby’s First Year Plan so before I share that session, let’s look back on him when he was teeny tiny…

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April Ziegler is a Philly newborn photographer who photographs babies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia suburbs. April Ziegler Photography has a studio in Collegeville, PA in which she photographs newborns, babies, and first birthday cake smashes. If you’re looking for a newborn photographer in Philadelphia, click HERE or contact: to book your Philadelphia baby session.


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As you probably know by now, I love me some mini-schnauzers. I have a squeaky one of my own so I was insanely excited for Moose and Gracie’s session. They’re such a funny pair because they look so different (Gracie being mostly black, and Moose being a shade of brown that’s very unusual for a schnauzer) and their personalities are polar opposites (Gracie being sweet and timid, and Moose being energetic and excited at life) but they are mother and son. For their session, we walked around Old City, Philadelphia… trying to avoid parks because there is nothing that Moose loves more than squirrel-chasing. I absolutely loved getting to photograph these two… below are some favorites from Moose and Gracie’s pet session…


April Ziegler is a Philadelphia pet photographer, who specializes in pet photography in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. April Ziegler Photography has been voted the best pet photographer in Philadelphia. To book your Philadelphia photography session, click HERE or contact:


Just weeks after we did Becky + Brian’s maternity session, I got to photograph their new little bundle Grady. And now, next month, Grady will become a big brother! So I wanted to share some favorites from Grady’s newborn session, before he’s not the baby of the family anymore…

April Ziegler is a Montgomery County baby photographer who photographs babies in Montgomery County, PA. April Ziegler Photography has a studio in Collegeville, PA in which she photographs newborns, babies, and first birthday cake smashes. If you’re looking for a baby photographer in Montgomery County, click HERE or contact: to book your Montgomery County, Pennsylvania baby session.

We don’t have warm spring temps around here just yet but no worries… we were able to take advantage of the spring flowers without this chilly weather for Olivia’s six month session at Longwood Gardens. I feel like I always say it, but I can’t even believe that six months has passed since we did her newborn session when she was only five days old. Olivia is completely adorable and I loved getting to see her again! Next time I get to photograph her, she’ll be a one year old!

See Olivia’s newborn session HERE! 

chester-county-photographer-0001chester-county-photographer-0002chester-county-photographer-0003chester-county-photographer-0004chester-county-photographer-0005chester-county-photographer-0006chester-county-photographer-0007chester-county-photographer-0008chester-county-photographer-0009chester-county-photographer-0010chester-county-photographer-0011chester-county-photographer-0012chester-county-photographer-0013chester-county-photographer-0014chester-county-photographer-0015chester-county-photographer-0016chester-county-photographer-0017chester-county-photographer-0018chester-county-photographer-0019chester-county-photographer-0020chester-county-photographer-0021chester-county-photographer-0022chester-county-photographer-0023chester-county-photographer-0024chester-county-photographer-0025April Ziegler is a Chester County photographer, who specializes in baby photography and family photography. The session photos in this post were taken in Chester County, Pennsylvania at Longwood Gardens. To book your Chester County photo session, click HERE or contact:

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