I adore this family. I’ve been photographing them for years, 6 years to be exact, starting back in 2011 with Becky + Brian’s engagement photos. I’ve most recently photographed their second baby boy, Brendan. They came into the studio when he was 11 days old, and I loved seeing how much he looked like his big brother, Grady, whose newborn session I photographed a little over 2 years ago. Some favorites from Brendan’s newborn session are below…

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April Ziegler is an Abington newborn photographer and baby photographer. She does photo sessions in Abington, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding Philadelphia suburbs. To book your Abington photo session, click HERE or contact: april@aprilziegler.com

Another graduate of the Baby’s First Year Plan! Seeing these babies grow is my favorite, FAVORITE part of my job. I photographed Owen at 9 days old, 7 months old, and 1 year old. The first photo shows one shot from each session… Can you believe how much he’s changed?!? He was a little stingy with the smiles during our session but we got some adorable shots. And Owen’s serious expressions were balanced out by big sister Emma’s constant grin and giggles. Below are some favorites from Owen’s first birthday session + cake smash session…

You can see Owen’s newborn session here: http://www.aprilziegler.com/horsham-newborn-photographer-owen-9-days-old

You can see Owen’s 7 month session here: http://www.aprilziegler.com/ambler-family-photography-owen-7-months

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April Ziegler is a Ambler photographer who specializes in Ambler baby photography. If you’re looking for a cake smash and first birthday photographer in Ambler, PA, or the surrounding areas click HERE or contact: april@aprilziegler.com to book your Ambler family photo session.


TWINS!!!! There’s no other way to start this post. I love babies and I absolutely LOVE photographing twins. Connor and Will were in the studio when they were a little over 6 weeks old. The thing that always amazes me about twins is how calm they are when they’re together. You would think that it would be more challenging to photograph two babies (and don’t get me wrong, there are some challenging aspects to photographing twins), but they seemed so content when snuggled up together.

Connor and Will are part of my Baby’s First Year Plan so I’ll get to document as they grow throughout their first year… I can’t wait to see how much these boys have changed by their six month session!

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April Ziegler is a Philadelphia twin photographer who photographs babies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia suburbs. April Ziegler Photography has a studio in Collegeville, PA in which she photographs newborns, babies, and first birthday cake smashes. If you’re looking for a newborn twin photographer in Philadelphia, click HERE or contact: april@aprilziegler.com to book your Philadelphia newborn session.