These two came for a family shoot but for a few, short minutes Krista entertained the kids and we managed to sneak in some shots of just the two of them. They are so sweet and rocked our little impromptu couples shoot. I loved it. With two little ones, I’m sure they don’t get much alone time so I hope they enjoy these images…  

I adore this image… the gorgeous light, the romantic feel… everything… 

Their family images are coming soon… !

  • Fanny B. (knottie "funny") - Beautiful photos and the lighting is perfect, good job April!!

The first Monster Monday post on my new blog and not even a photo of Chloe?!? Now that is a damn shame. She has been rather evasive lately, but I will try my best to have an adorable shot of her for next week. This week, we’ll discuss her new eating habits. 

We discovered that the maker of Chloe’s food has been bought and the food is now being made by another company that is, well… crappy. And we can’t have that. So we did some research online and through and decided on a new food for her. We bought a small bag of Innova Evo to try it out and she LOVES it. Since we’re transitioning her, she gets some of her old food and some new. She likes the new stuff so much that she’ll pick through her food, eating all the pieces of the new food, and knocking the old food out of the dish to eat last. Makes a disaster of the kitchen floor but it cracks me up. And reminds me of how we’d eat Lucky Charms as a kid… How could you resist picking out those magically delicious marshmallows to eat first?

  • Fanny B. (knottie "funny") - I LURVE your new blog! So professional…

Krista has been my friend for as long as I remember, my summer camp buddy, and my college roommate. I got my first DSLR shortly after she had her second little boy and she allowed me to come over and practice on her boys… my first real models. My little muses. She has been my constant support and cheerleader for all my photography attempts since then, always willing to  pack up the kids and roam around looking for photo opps and enthusiastic {though sometimes skeptical} about going along with all my ideas, no matter how crazy they sound. Ha. I completely appreciate it.

Here are a few photos from when we recently took the boys out on the Perkiomen trail…    

  • Mary - What gorgeous boys – look at those eyes! Great pics!

  • Fanny B. (knottie "funny") - Beautiful pics and beautiful boys…

Hello all! I’m glad to see that you’ve found your way over to my new little slice of blogland. Welcome. Make yourself comfortable. And please, come back and visit often.

Though it was sad to say goodbye to my old blog and the many memories that it holds, I’m so excited to start this new adventure. I decided to change up the blog for several reasons:

  • I want to focus more on my photography, and this blog gives me the ability to do that. As well as big, pretty images.
  • I want a blog that is more of a reflection of me… I love that I was able to design this blog exactly as I wanted it. It’s fresh. It’s fun. And I love it.    
  • My old blog was titled ‘The Newlywed Game’. We’re coming up on 2 years of wedded bliss. Surely someone was going to call me out on that blog name soon, right?

I thought I’d kick this thing off the way that I kick off my every morning. Coffee. Mmmm. I recently had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year… Fall is here! For me, this changing of the season is not determined by a calendar, lowering of the temperature, or changing of the leaves. I know that Fall has offically begun when the Pumpkin Spice Latte hits Starbucks. I suppose it’s an acceptable consolation prize for losing summer…  

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the change!

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  • Christine - Great picture! Your new blog looks nice! The pumpkin spice latte sounds delicious! Miss you and love you!

  • Kim - Looks great April! I love the brick red, black and white color scheme! Good luck with everything!

  • Vanessa - Looks awesome! I love it! Love the colors! Can’t wait to see more of your photography pictures…Good job!

  • The neighbors - Love it! When are the neighbor kids gonna be on here ???? 🙂

  • Christy - Looks fabulous! I look forward to seeing more of your fantastic pics. Will there be lots of Chloe pics here too? 😀

  • Allison - April…I LOVE your new blog. Congratulations on making the move, and I look forward to seeing what new things are in store for this new space.

  • a real librarian - April – everything looks amazing!!! Congrats on the fab new site, and I can’t wait to see all your pictures!!!

  • maria mcg - Congrats April! The changes look great and I really like how you personalized it. I’m also jealous of your textured background.
    I didn’t realize you were so close to Philly, for some reason I thought you were further out. Anyway, I’ll be in Philly selling shirts at the Philly marathon expo next month. Let me know if you’re around and maybe we can catch up, or you can at least give us pointers for where to head that friday night. (It’s bonbini from dw in case the site doesn’t look familiar) Take care!

  • Monica - Love the pictures April…cant wait to do ours:)

  • Fanny B. (knottie "funny") - Congrats on your new blog!

  • Mary - Congrats on the new blog – it looks great!!

  • Amanda - April, your new blog is so great! The pics are fantastic! love& miss you!