I have so many photos of Chloe. It’s kind of ridiculous. Some might say obsessive. But I think it’s only appropriate. She’s like a child to us… a furry, drooly, energetic, soccer ball-loving, fridgepack-hating, stick-infatuated, vacuum-loathing, slightly alpha-female child. I love all the little things about her, so that’s what I’ve been trying to capture recently. One of the things that I absolutely adore is that when she sits, her leg bows out like a chicken wing. Oh how I love that little nugget…  

  • Christy - Yay! I love me some Chloe! Cute chicken wing. 😀
    I love the little things about our “kids” too. They are my world! 🙂

  • Wendy - Too funny. We are always grabbing our littlest one’s legs and saying “chicken wing” (front leg) and “drumstick” (back leg). We don’t know why, we just do!

I had a fun family shoot today and had to post this one for Rachel. They had Logan bundled up in the most adorable little bear outfit. How cute is he? Seriously. I love everything about this image… his intense look, his amazing blue eyes {Rachel+Chris… you guys are in for some serious trouble, how will you ever say no to those eyes!}, the lovely bokeh in the background, and the way that he’s leaning just a little bit to the side since he’s just learning to sit on his own… 

You guys were troopers today… Thank you for letting me share the afternoon with you!

  • Krista - How cute is he! Can’t wait to see more pics from Sunday!

  • Rachel - April I LOVE this picture… He looks so much older than what he is, I can’t wait to see more of your incredible work from Sunday! THANK YOU! 🙂

One thing was certain during Jen+Rick’s family shoot… little man did not want his picture taken. And these things can’t be forced… bribed, sometimes… but not forced. That’s ok though because we mostly wanted to get some shots of Addison. She is a complete doll… such a smiley, happy baby. We all know how crazy things become when the second child arrives, so I hope they enjoy the images that we captured of their little girl… and one of my favorite images from their session. Addy, ready for lift off…

If you’d like to see their slideshow, you can view it HERE!  

Last night Kev and I went to see one of my most favorite artists in concert… Jason Mraz… at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby {photo taken with my point&shoot, which clearly does not focus}. I must say, it was one of the best concerts that I’ve ever been to. I absolutely love his music, but seeing him live just can’t be beat. He’s a performer. He jammed out on the guitar, barefoot, stopping to take polaroid photos of his band and throw them out to the crowd. He truly is an artist… his lyrics are creative and fresh, beats are often fun and upbeat. It’s the kind of music that can always make me happy. And he rocks a fedora like nobody’s business.

And I’ll leave you with a video of Kev and my favorite song off his new album. I love when he sings, “I’m holdin’ in the heat like a fishstick.” Ha. When we listen to it in the car Kev will create my very own remix version by rewinding that line over and over again. And that’s why I love him.

It is what you think it is. An entire mountain made up of mums. Ok, maybe mountain is a little excessive. It is a rather large mass of mums though, don’t you think? We were blessed with unseasonably warm weather this part weekend. We like that. On Saturday we visited a local greenhouse, Ott’s in Collegeville, to find that the mums were in full bloom. We must get some. Our garden is looking barren and could use a little sprucing up before wintertime hits. So we got red ones. Of course. And I felt like a child, so excited to be climbing mum mountain, camera in hand. We stood at the top and just took it all in… the warmth of the autumn sun, the sweet smell of flowers in the air, the bright and vivid colors all around us. I kinda like that place. 

The mid-day sun made for some tough shooting conditions. The light was bright and harsh. And I’m not used to that. But it is what it is, our perfectly imperfect Saturday afternoon…  

The infamous attempt at the self-portrait… Told you it was bright! {We didn’t mean to match, so please pretend you didn’t notice. Ha.}

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  • Vanessa - Such pretty colors!!

  • Christy - How beautiful! I love the colors!

  • Kim - I just passed that place the other day and thought I should go out and practice with the pretty colors! You got some beautiful shots!