Often times, my favorite images from a shoot are a bit unconventional. As much as I love capturing the smiley, happy moments, I love coming across an image that is more. Deeper. Real. I love how content she is leaning on his shoulder. And I love that you can tell, just from his smile, that he feels the same way… 

  • Rachel - This is such a great picture of them.. They were VERY happy with the pictures!

  • Ashley - I think this is such a beautiful picture!

from Starbucks! Really?!? Is it that time of year already? Apparently it is. We stopped off at Starbucks before the grocery store tonight {Kev undertands that I need a little something to get me through the torture of grocery shopping!} and the first thing that I noticed was the seasonal debut of the holiday cups! Although I can’t help but feel that Starbucks has jumped the gun on this one, after all… Christmas is a good seven weeks away, I can’t complain. There’s something that I love about seeing those festive red cups again…

  • Dana - Who doesn’t love those little red cups? I love this time of year. yum!

I met up with the E family at Green Lane Park, which is beautiful at this time of the year. I’ll admit, I was nervous. Eight people! In fact, I was so nervous that I forgot my camera at home. True story. I was about two minutes from the park when my camera bag tipped over on the passenger seat floor and I thought, “Oh shoot, my camera! Wait, my camera doesn’t fit in that camera bag anymore. And it’s not on the passenger seat either. Oh no!” Ha. Good thing that I live less than ten minutes from the park.

Turns out that there was no reason to be nervous. The E family was sweet, and funny, and they completely rocked their session. What a fabulous family. I had a blast, and I hope you guys did too. Thank you for allowing me to capture these images for your family…    

If you’d like to view the slideshow of their images, click HERE!

  • Krista - They’re ALL great! You did awesome! We had a good time that day! What amazing shots you got for their family!

  • judy - These are fantastic–they must be thrilled!

  • Rachel - You do incredible work! I LOVE all of the pictures you did… Thanks Again!!!!

  • jamie - i had an absolute blast that day and the pictures you were able to capture will be cherished forever… thanks again!

In the photography world, there exists an affliction known as “photographer’s child syndrome.” It runs rampant amongst the children of photographers, causing them to become acutely aware of a camera at all times. It generates a refusal to look at the camera or cooperate in any way. I have a feeling that it also affects dogs…

I used to be able to bribe her so successfully! A toy or a treat would hold her attention long enough for me to snap away. But she’s caught on to my tricks. Clearly, the neighbor going to get their mail is far more interesting than anything that I have to offer.

 And another little thing that I love about my girl. Her markings. I love the black freckles around the otherwise whiteness of her face, the way that her pink and black belly reminds me of a cow, and the perfect white stripe on her head. And this… the back half of her body is all black, except for these little white patches on her back legs. It’s so lovable. It’s so her.

  • Christy - How precious! I know what you mean. It’s hard to get Baby Dan to look at the camera lately. He used to be so photogenic. 🙂

Oh wondrous Honeycrisp Apples. Where have you been all my life?

I first learned of the DELISHness of honeycrisp apples from another blog that I thoroughly enjoy: [i]LoveLife. Previously I was partial to the Golden Delicious variety. They must be golden. Not at all green. I have never strayed from my apple preference. Until we came across a pile of honeycrisp apples a couple weeks ago at the organic farm. I had to try them. And I am hooked. They are sweet and juicy and wonderful… everything an apple should be. And more. 

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  • Kim - I just found these apples too and feel the exact same way…yummm!

  • Christy - These are one of my favorite apples now!!! I love them! 🙂