Sorry for the lack of posting. We have been going through a bit of an adjustment period here. It looks a little like this…

Chaos. Notice the person, who shall remain nameless, in the background totally oblivious to the commotion going on around him. Having a puppy is hard work! Seems that I have forgotten this period from when we first got the Chloemonster. Lucy has been such a sweetheart though. Chloe is interested in every little thing the puppy does. And, as expected, she’s constantly vying for our attention. We’ve been making a conscious effort to make sure she doesn’t feel neglected.

So things are good. And busy. And fun.

  • Krista - OMG!!!! That’s scary! I hope your camera survived the attack!

  • Dana - I smell puppy breath! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the perpective.

  • Christy - Haha I love this picture!

  • claire - this photo is fantastic – it totally captures the mood of having a puppy and another dog…and someone in the background who’s oblivious. looks a lot like my house! both of your pups are adorable!! i’ll keep checking back for updates as she grows up – how fun that we’re in the same situation!!

No, she is not of the human variety. Kevin and I decided to expand our little family and we have gotten a new puppy! She’s a miniature schnauzer and she is 10 weeks old. I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her. And even though Kev insists that I fall in love with every dog that I see {which may or may not be true… I cannot confirm or deny this}… I just couldn’t walk away from this face. How sweet is she? She has a fabulously spunky personality. And Chloe has taken to her suprisingly well. With Chloe’s alpha-female personality, we expected a bit of anger at first but there was none of that. They immediately started playing and racing circles around the living room together. I adore her already.

Meet Lucy…

Although we now have a second pup, don’t expect Monster Monday to be forgotten or replaced. Chloe will continue her reign as ‘first pup’ in the Ziegler household. But for the sake of equality, we may just have to institute a Schnauzer Sunday as well… =)

  • Allison - April…she’s adorable! Congrats!

  • Dana - Oh my – so very cute! Congrats on the new addtion!

  • Christy - She is absolutely adorable!!!
    Chloe has Mondays so what day will she have? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Rose - Mark, said nothing real looks like that, it must be stuffed !!
    I think he likes her !!

  • Fanny B. (knottie "funny") - What an cuttie! Congrats! I want the same!!!!!

  • Kim - Congratulations on your new addition! She is adorable!!!

  • Kylene Cleaver - April I came across your blog by way of Kristen Kalp’s blog. You’re new puppy Lucy is to die for adorable and though I may be a little bias since we have 2 mini schnauzers, but I think they make some of the cutest puppies ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I got the opportunity to shoot something way out of my comfort zone… a CAR! Two cars, to be exact. That was a first for me. They belong to a friend of mine, who needed some images of them in order to post them for sale. This will probably be the only photo that I post, as most of them are standard for-sale type photos, but I had to get my take on the car as well. Pretty sweet ride, right?

Yesterday, we had our first snow of the season! Most of the time I hate snow because of the havoc it wreaks on my commute. My standard 45-minute commute is transformed into 2 hours worth of me gripping the steering wheel in white-knuckled terror and praying that I make it home safely. But yesterday I was excited because I was off work and didn’t have to worry about driving in any messy weather conditions. And Chloe was excited because, despite not being a cold-weather dog, she loves the snow! She will chase snowballs and attack snowflakes for hours, with no regard to the way her legs are trembling in the cold.ย 

I know you can’t really see much of the snowfall {that has since completely melted}, except for the big flake falling past her head. I really wish I had captured some shots of the way that she ferociously tried to attack the snowflakes as they hit the ground, before they melted into the deck, but we were having too much fun. She cracks me up, every day…ย 

  • Christy - Oh how cute! She’s too funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have finally given in to temptation and purchased myself a FABULOUS new camera bag… a Shootsac! The Shootsac was designed by the amazingly talented Jessica Claire. I have been lusting after this bag for quite some time. And really, it’ll be nice to have something other than the big, bulky, very obvious camera bag that I currently use. I cannot wait. So do you want to see what the king of all camera bags looks like? Here’s the one that I purchased…

Appropriate, no? =)

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  • maria - how fun! i love my new shootsac and the new covers are awesome ๐Ÿ™‚