I saw this on another blog, and was intrigued. The fact that doggie dna tests are now available astounds me. While you cannot actually find out the actual paternity of your pup, you can find out the makeup of your mixed breed dog.

Yes, we’ve had some mutts in our past. And yes, I was curious about the heritage of our furry-faced family members. $100 worth of curious? Doubtful. It would be interesting information to find out… Here’s a link to the video of Today Show’s Meredith Viera testing her pup, Jasper {and discovering that she got scammed by the pet store. Oops, did I ruin the ending?}…  

Today Show


  • Dana - They had this done on a show – I can’t remember the name but Jeff Lewis that does house flips in LA. Well he paid the money and didn’t think it was accurate. It would be interesting to see!

  • Christy - I’ve seen this before. I think they actually do these tests at the boarding place we leave our “kids” at.
    There is no way I’d pay that much to test our chi mixes, but I am curious to know what else they are. 🙂

The Monster Monday post is just eeking in before it would have to be called Monster Tuesday. And that doesn’t work because the alliteration just adds so much to the appeal. Today is the first post featuring dual subjects. My two sweet, furry-faced girls… 

And the very rare shot of me, taken by the hubs, snuggling the new baby… =)

  • Christy - YAY! I was hoping you wouldn’t forget Monster Monday. 🙂
    You’ve got very beautiful girls!
    And I was sure Miss Lucy would have her own day. 😉

  • Mary Marantz - oh my goodness! SO cute!

  • Dana - so cute – both of the monsters!

I thought I’d start the preview of my last session with some images of their ‘first born’. The one that captured their hearts with his spunky character. The one who reluctantly gave up the baby role when their little girl with blond curls arrived on the scene. The one who has grown up, but still maintained his puppy personality. 

I’ll start off with my favorite image of Samson. Not only does he look quite handsome, but doesn’t it look like he’s smiling here?!? I swear. Somebody must have given this dog some modeling lessons before I arrived… 

And a shot of how tolerant Samson was as Erin covered him in leaves. What a good boy…

And the family shot. Sweetness…

  • judy - Makes me want to run right out and get a lab! Great pictures, April!

  • Erin - That last one is ADORABLE!! Great job!

  • April Ziegler Photography » Waiting… - […] November I photographed the Groarke family and their yellow lab, Samson. This November, they were awaiting their new addition… […]

  • Tricia - We just lost our beloved Samson on July 3. He was 13 years old and still very much a puppy. I can only thank him for all the wonderful years he gave us. His love was overwhelming as is the sadness I feel in his absence. I will miss him more than I can ever express and I am so grateful we were able to share our lives with him.

The pups deserve a Thanksgiving too! When I came across this can of Thanksgiving Day Dinner for dogs at the pet store, I had to get it. My girls are spoiled, I know. Today we enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at my in-laws… and Chloe and Lucy enjoyed their doggy version of Thanksgiving. Neither had a problem cleaning their bowl, so I’d say that doggy Thanksgiving was a success! 

  • Christy - Sweet! I wish we would’ve seen this before we gave them table food for Turkey Day. 🙂

Here’s a sneak peek from the session that I had last Sunday with Erin… She’s a doll. And look Mom… we even managed to get a real, genuine smile… 

More coming soon!

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