I decided that Chloe should not have to endure any camera torture this week, what with her busted knee and all. Poor girl has been hobbling around 3-legged all week. She goes for x-rays on Wednesday. So I’m posting an old photo of Chloe in our kitchen, eyeing up a treat. And the cats in the background, hoping that something gets thrown their way…

  • Mia 'thousandhound' - Beautiful shot of Chloe. Lovely colours and the shot really tells the story.

  • leesia - this is so sweet! hope she’s recovering quickly.

  • Stephanie - I love this shot. The angle. The look. Beautiful!

Here are a couple more images that make me smile from Ashley and Nate’s engagement session. They totally rocked it. I had a blast. Happy wedding planning, you two! And if you’d like to see their slideshow, click HERE! 

  • Krista - LOVE LOVE LOVE the slideshow!!! They’re such a cute, playful couple. Glad they asked you to take their pics…which are amazing, by the way!

  • Jen & Rick - April – you are so amazing. I just love the slide show. Nate and Ashley are such a cute couple and their pictures turned out wonderful.

  • Grace - Just GORGEOUS.

  • Rachel - you did a fabulous job on their pictures, wow!!!

  • Nikolaj Ivanushkin - The best massage in facebook

Before we headed out to do Nate&Ashley’s engagement session last weekend, we stopped at a local library to grab some graduation shots of Nate in full cap and gown. He graduated from Penn State in December, but has been in Virginia for an internship so he missed the chance to do graduation photos. And though we did manage to get some traditional portraits, this shot has to be my favorite…

Good-bye 2008. I can’t say that I’m sad to see you go. It has been a year full of trials… dealing with the mystery freak illness, a change of jobs for both Kev and myself, Chloe’s recent injury, and the heartbreaking loss of my father… It is safe to say that this year has been the most challenging of my life.

And it followed a year that had been full of such joy and celebration… A year that started in Mexico as we spent two weeks in the sunshine and said our vows on the beach surrounded by family and friends. A year in which I discovered my passion for photography. A year in which we grew into our relationship as husband and wife. A year in which we celebrated Kev’s 30th birthday in San Francisco, his dream vacation. A year in which we bought our first house. What a contrast. Life truly is a rollercoaster. And I feel confident that in 2009, I’m on the way back up… 

  • AmandaD - HAPPY NEW YEAR to you guys too! I”m sure this year will be much better 🙂

  • Rachel - You are right, life is a crazy roller coaster. I bet 2009 will be great for you! Happy New Year!

Ok, so I’m a day late. But I couldn’t not post the weekly dose of the cutest. pups. in. the. world. Today we received some bad news. After noticing Chloe favoring her one back leg, Kev took her to the vet. We found out that she has a luxating patella. From what I’ve read, this basically means that her knee cap has moved out of it’s location. And it requires {an expensive} surgery. Poor Chloe.

Here’s a photo of her and Kevin snuggling in the morning. I’ve posted it before but it’s one of my favorites…  

And Lucy, completely intrigued by her own reflection. Ha. Gotta love puppies…

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  • Christy - So precious!