About me



About Me


I started this journey as a way to document my own life. My life as a newlywed and a mama to the cutest boston terrier in the world. I have always been an animal person. I grew up in a home where pets were not only an essential part of our lives, they were furry family members. This included, along with the typical dogs and cats… a rabbit, a chinchilla, a ferret, numerous carnival goldfish, a gecko, a snake, an iguana, a turtle, hamsters that magically multiplied, and a bird that would cuss at people. It was a happily chaotic home.

On my 12th birthday I received a gift that would change my life, a black lab puppy of my very own. I named her Tessie. In her short 14 years, she taught me many invaluable life lessons… and reaffirmed the fact that my life is not quite as full without the companionship of a dog. So when I began this adventure into photography, naturally I was pulled to photographing what I am passionate about… Pets.

What started out as a hobby, grew into a business that I love. Since beginning this business, we have added another dog and a daughter. As a new mom myself, I know well how fleeting time is with a newborn. They really do change so fast, despite how badly you want to bottle up every little bit of that newness. Having my daughter has reinforced for me how important it is to document this time in your child’s life, and to get out from behind the camera once in awhile to create memories as a family. I feel blessed to be able to capture some of the most important moments of people’s lives. And some of the everyday moments as well.




My husband Kevin and I are owned by:



A seven year old mischievous Boston Terrier named Chloe, and a five year old irresistibly sweet Miniature Schnauzer puppy named Lucy, and a feisty curly-haired toddler named Charlotte. They are my inspiration, our steady supply of unconditional love, and a daily source of laughter.